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Hey guys,

I am developing my first real project in c# an i was planning to build a client/server based application. I would not prefer to make a direct mysql server connection due to security reasons.

What would be the best solution for send/recv of data without making a direct mysql connection from the c# client?

Would it be possible/safe to use the c# client against a PHP webserver with SOAP for send/recv all of the data or maybe exchange all of the data with socket handlers? What would be the best way to do this and what is the most common way?

Best regards!

spark3y 7-Sep-11 7:12am
Thanks! Is will read about this solution aswell :)
Mohammad A Rahman 7-Sep-11 7:21am
Don't quite understand your question. If you're developing a client server application, it means that your client application communicates directly with the server. In your case application communicates with the database.

If you're adding components between the application and the database you're developing a multi-tier application.

As to the question concerning the web server, personally I would use Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to build services that the client can call. But this is just an opinion. One factor in choosing the tools is: What languages, techniques etc you're familiar with and feel comfortable to use.
spark3y 7-Sep-11 7:14am
Well i have not built the application yet. I am still in the planning stage and want to find the best way to do this.

I am most familiar with php but also some C. I was planning on using nusoap with c# but i will look into WCF.

Wendelius 7-Sep-11 7:19am
You're welcoem :)
Read this article about client server communication using sockets

Client Server Communication[^]
spark3y 7-Sep-11 7:11am
Thanks, i will look into it. So you would recommend using sockets?
Anuja Pawar Indore 7-Sep-11 7:44am
WCF service is better in my opinion. I gave this article to have the knowledge of SOAP, then move to WCF. You can understand its advantages
thanks for all of your comments.

Can anyone tell me the advantages/disadvantages in using sockets/WCF/SOAP?

I am going to send/recv both UDP/TCP.
Joezer BH 7-Jul-13 6:56am
If you want to ask another question, posting it as "a solution" is not really a good idea...

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