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I have an aspx page that throws an exception of ODBC Connection Timeout expires while executing an Remote SQL SERVER Stored Procedure having large volume of data.How to Solve this problem.
Please Help.

change in web config file as
set maxRequestLength as Your request.
in this example max size is 60 mb .
<httpruntime executiontimeout="110" maxrequestlength="60000" />
hi Deepak.xip,

Follow this:

1) Create index[^] in your database.

2) Paging using PagedDataSource class[^]

) try to Optimize SQL queries 1[^] Optimize SQL queries 2[^]
You could try one of these:

0) Retrieve data in smaller chunks

1) Try changing the CommandTimeout property in the SqlCommand object to a higher value (the default is 30 seconds).

2) Use the asynchronous functionality in SqlCommand (BeginExecuteReader).

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Why was this answer voted 1? I provided several viable strategies. If you were expecting code, you're going to be sorely disappointed because nobody here is going to be able to provide it to you. Why? because we're not familiar with your project, and nobody here works for free.

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