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How can create Lable control dynamically inside a GroupBox control in c# .net windows application.. I use the following code. But it will display a label control under the group box control.

Label lblobj = new Label();
 lblobj.Text = "Adult";
 lblobj.Font = new Font(lblobj.Font, lblobj.Font.Style | FontStyle.Bold);
 lblobj.BackColor = Color.Transparent;
 lblobj.ForeColor = Color.White;
 lblobj.AutoSize = true;
 lblobj.Location = new Point(610, 323);

Kindly send me the answer.

Thanks ,
Updated 7-Sep-11 22:17pm

you need to add your label to the groupBox's control collection not the form's (calling this.controls.add withina method int he form class will add it to the form control collection as, in that context, 'this' is the form)
Mehdi Gholam 8-Sep-11 4:30am
My 5
You have to add you lable control to GroupBox. Like this

Viswanthan.M. 8-Sep-11 4:46am
ya,its more can i change the modifier of the controls dynamically?
Suresh Suthar 8-Sep-11 4:58am
You can just declare your control as any other variable like
public Lable lblObj= new Lable();

This link will help you.

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