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I want to know about how projects on various attacks is carried out, i want to detect various attacks like, SQL injection , cross site scripting, phishing, pharming. on a server, but i am not getting the correct path about how to proceed from the begining. i have studied enough of theory about this attacks. so please if any one can help me regarding this.

This question is impossible to answer in a technical forum. You need to use Google/Bing to research all aspects of your subject(s) and then return here when you have some specific questions.
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Mehdi Gholam 9-Sep-11 4:04am    
My 5!
Choudhary Atul 9-Sep-11 4:55am     CRLF
thank you Richard for your kind response, actually i had done a lot of research on Google on my subject, specially on SQL injection attack. but i am not getting how to design my project, and not able to detect the starting point. anyways i will try to make some more research on it, and then will reply as soon as possible if i have any specific querry
Richard MacCutchan 9-Sep-11 6:31am     CRLF
Quote "but i am not getting how to design my project, and not able to detect the starting point" How then do you expect others to detect it? If you have come this far then you should be able to create a basic project that you can then build on. If you do not know how to create a project there are thousands of samples around the internet, articles on CodeProject, MSDN etc.
Choudhary Atul 9-Sep-11 6:47am    
@Richard, you are cent percent right, but i am not expecting anyone to detect it, basic problem is i don't have proper guidance for carrying out this project. so i am looking for someone who can just guide me for few initial steps.
Richard MacCutchan 9-Sep-11 7:24am    
Guide you for what? Your question is so vague it is impossible to answer. What do you mean by initial steps, do you know how to create a project, where you will get your input data from, how you wish to display it, etc?
Like Richard said each one is its own advanced topic and requires a lot of knowledge transfer which is not possible on QA's like this.

Try Google'ing each topic and separately.
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