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I am creating Online Examination in and c#.
I want to know suppose student is giving the exam, and due to internet problem , electricity problem etc, session gets disconnected, then how to resume session later from same state , when it was disconnected?? Is this possible or is there any alternative for this??

Yes - you store how far the student has got at the server, and restart from that point when next they log in.
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akkanshagupta 13-Sep-11 4:37am    
But How to achieve this task??
OriginalGriff 13-Sep-11 4:42am    
Table "UserProgress"
Columns: user ID, progress point
Update when he answers a question.

This is basic stuff! Are you trying to get us to do your homework? :laugh:
akkanshagupta 15-Sep-11 3:57am    
May be this is basic stuff for you guyz who had already done this.
But i dont have any idea, that if student disconnects in between of online exam, then how to start exam from previous state.
If this is so basic for you guyz, then please help me by elaborating your solutions.
OriginalGriff 15-Sep-11 4:08am    
Your users have to log in, right? Otherwise you don't know which student to record results for.
Your database must contain student identification, and other information - you have presumably done this part.
Add a column (or table) to your database which indicates how far they have progressed. Each time they answer a question, you update that part of the database to show further progress. This could be part of your existing "record the answers and score the student" code / table / column.
When they log in, you check how far they have got, and redirect them to the appropriate page.
Uday P.Singh 19-Oct-11 13:09pm    
great effort in explanation my 5+
Yes for this you have to store your session data to your database and use that data when student restart their exam...
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akkanshagupta 13-Sep-11 4:39am    
Can you please elaborate it further, how to do this???
RaviRanjanKr 20-Oct-11 3:29am    
My 5+
aditya420 19-Jan-12 15:11pm    
hello sir , i have a problem i take a timer on my page but that page have also some button when i click that button then my timer restart plz give me some solution

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