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I am sorry.... what i intended is, i am developing an android program which is location based chat program... a friend of mine would create a server... i need my program to request a name and location from the server,ie it would sent a request ot the server... once receiving it, it gets implemented

I hope this is understandable...
Updated 16-Sep-11 0:12am
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 16-Sep-11 11:42am
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Not sure I understand, you have an Android device in your hand and you want to get location of that device from an external server. For that to work your Android device would need to know its location and send them to the external server which means you could bypass the external server and use the location gained from the android device.

Or perhaps you want the Android device to know where the external server is, so it's the location of the external server you want.

Perhaps you need to explain a little more what you would like help with.

Edit: Part 2
Ok so I understand better what your attempting to do, You say your developing the android side which is good. Now the tables have to be turned and I need to ask you the questions from the answers section !!!

So what do you have already (applications wise) ?
What part is causing you problems ?

You may also want to look at or team up with
This Article[^]

If the server is of the HTTP based kind you can have a look at my solution to this question here: Server client communication in Android[^].

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