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I'm trying to secure a .NET 4 WPF client with Membership Services.

Client Application Services in VS 2010 appears to integrate with the AJAX Application Services wrappers (i.e. AXDs) for Membership Services.

The WCF wrapper for Membership Services, i.e. the WCF Authentication Service, is more consistent with my design.

Unless I'm missing something all the examples I've found for integrating Client Application Services with WCF Authentication Services configure the services to support both the AJAX and WCF wrapper then configure the client to use the AJAX wrapper.

Can anyone point me at a Client Application Services example that uses the WCF Authentication Service?
Herman<T>.Instance 15-Sep-11 17:11pm

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EDIT: a Client Application Services compliant WCF wrapper for Membership Services was never built. You must must use the AJAX wrappers.

I found an article by Israel Aece about Client Application Services that explains how to do it. The article is in Portuguese. Google found it anyway. Those guys deserve to be as rich as they are.

Note that I've done dozens of searches for this. I finally used bunch of key words and phases from from both the client app.config and WCF web.config files...

to see if any articles included both versions.

Basically you let the Client Applicition Services wizard generate the app.config settings for the AJAX wrappers then change the settings to point at the WCF wrappers, e.g. the SVC files you created when you enabled the WCF Authentication Services.

I haven't tried this yet. If it doesn't work I'll corret this post.
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