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I am not sure if I am able to make it clear to you with the subject line.
I am trying to explore c programming on windows to start preparing an Terminal emulator to a remote Server like Linux.
So I am exploring C using Win32 API's.

Now, when i think a little further i get a doubt as below.
1. How do i exactly simulate a GUI image on a Linux Server ( a window opened on remote server ) onto my local terminal.
To be more clear. I would like to say that how do i exactly show the GUI image of a server in my local terminal which i am aspiring to prepare.
If you can suggest me any special technical topic which would suggest a way to implement this feature that would be great.
I know you might ask me to look into the raw codes of open source applications which were already programmed but that might make me to get into trouble as i want to learn through step by step approach.
Note that I am trying to learn implementing the above using C and Win32 API's.
Ali Fakoor 19-Sep-11 1:12am     CRLF
I think GUI is for graphical user interface, while terminal emulators are [normally] used for text-based user interfaces(e.g: ASCII terminals). Can you explain more if you want to transfer text or graphic. Is it something like a VNC server and client that you want to implement? ([OK, just have a glance on the description not the source code! ;-)] In other words, is it suitable for you to use a pre-existing VNC server on linux and implement your own VNC client on windows?
[no name] 19-Sep-11 10:14am     CRLF
i want to try writing a tool similar to putty ( text emulator for linux ) for an OS. So through my emulator if a user tries to run a program which runs opening a window on server i want to reflect the same window on my emulator as well. So in this regards, i wanted to know the best way to implement this feature aswell. Please suggest.

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Well, linux terminals run a different cli (bash,sh,etc.) than Windows (DOSBox), so you can't directly pipe the text through, that's certain. Also, GUI also isn't integrated into *nix systems. Instead it's implemented with Windows X (X11), using a client-server model. If you're just learning C, I suggest you don't try to implement a X11 client for Windows right off the bat (I'm pretty sure the protocol isn't all that standard either). Then there's the whole problem with using FTP, because FTP is for File transfer... you're better off using the X11 protocol or defining your own wrapper protocol. This approach also doesn't work if the server doesn't run X11, and that's true for many Linux servers (they only have cli).
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