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i need a complete code for converting from one extension to another for example from avi to mp4
i installed from here some of coded but it is not what i need exactly
please i need help

Just to add a clarification to a good answer by Simon: AVI and MPEG-4 are the entities of different orders of hierarchy. AVI is a file extension and a format for the media container; but MPEG-4 is more essential thing: this is a method of compression of audio and video. In principle, AVI container can contain different kinds of video+audio streams including MPEG4.

See for more detail:[^],[^].

Also, look at the links at the bottom of the first article to see how many different MPEG-4 standards are there. Which one do you need? :-)

Simon Bang Terkildsen 19-Sep-11 5:23am
my 5, good short explanation of the actual problem space the OP is facing.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 19-Sep-11 11:07am
Thank you, Simon.
Converting extension from avi to mp4:
File.Move(filePath, string.Format(@"{0}\{1}.mp4",

All jokes aside, I don't think you realize the size of your question. But if you really want code that can convert between the two I would look at FFmpeg[^]
Good answer, especially the "joking" part, my 5. In a way, it expresses the essence of the thing I explained in my solution: AVI is just the container and a file type, but MPEG-4 is a set of compression standards.
Please see my answer.
Member 12698467 6-May-17 2:42am
I want convert mp4 video into avi in java

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