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I have a string like
select * from Contacts where lastname='test';

when I'm use urlencode method from php, i get a result

My question is, how to do the same thing with C#, i have tried
HttpUtility.UrlEncode("select * from Contacts where lastname='test';", Encoding.ASCII)

HttpUtility.UrlEncode("select * from Contacts where lastname='test';")

and the result is

it can not encode character *
Updated 20-Sep-11 17:45pm
Prerak Patel 19-Sep-11 23:42pm    
Why you need to encode query?! If you are passing it via query string, it's a bad idea.
Member 7872856 20-Sep-11 23:54pm    
Van Hua 19-Sep-11 23:47pm    
I don't tried to encode a sql query via query string :) If I want to pass the query string, I can create an property to handle that :)
Van Hua 20-Sep-11 6:31am    
No one else have an answer :(

1 solution

Have you tried just HttpUtility.UrlEncode(...) (no second parameter)
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Van Hua 19-Sep-11 23:45pm    
I also tried that, the second parameter to make sure it use ASCII :) thanks for your quick answer :)
Chris Maunder 19-Sep-11 23:50pm    
It was a bit of an off-the-cuff answer since we use it that way and I can't recall experiencing the same issue recently. Obviously there's more to the story.

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