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Hi, I'm new to c++ and I'm working with Embarcadero C++ builder(I have to work with this one).
I need to have a CSting in my code but Whatever library I include, it doesn't work out.
ERROR : Undefined symbol 'CString'
Which library should I include ????

Thanks in advance...
Updated 2-Jan-22 11:23am

Your development environment doesn't support the Microsoft CString class. If you can't switch to MS Visual C++, then you must either rewrite the code to use a different string class (e.g. std::string) or write your own CString class.
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CodingLover 21-Sep-11 23:52pm    
The easiest is switch to MS. ;)
add #include <atlstr.h> into your code, will work.
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lilyNaz 20-Sep-11 2:16am    
Well I've added this one but then after compile : ERROR Unable to open include file 'atlstr.h'
CodingLover 20-Sep-11 2:23am    
That means you don't have ATL. Can provide more details like, is this Console or WinForm application? Working on Windows or Linux? Using Visual Studio? etc...
CodingLover 20-Sep-11 2:34am    
If you are working with Visual Studio express edition, sorry about that. Express edition doesn't come with ATL.
merano99 2-Jan-22 19:54pm    
MFC and ATL are both included in the free Visual-Studio Community Edition.
I can't say whether the atlstr.h could be used with a compiler other than Visual-Studio. You will surely be able to look at the headers.
(By the way: Fortunately, the times of the cropped express versions are over.)
lilyNaz 20-Sep-11 2:39am    
It is a Console Application, and is working on Windows 7, I am using Embarcadero C++ builder.
I found this question while looking for an answer to a similar problem. If MFC isn't installed and since your program is a Console app, its better using CAtlString instead of CString.
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merano99 2-Jan-22 20:02pm    
In atlstr.h you will find:

Line 1296 - typedef CAtlString CString;

so why not use CString?
CHill60 4-Jan-22 4:03am    
And why is it better?
Michael Haephrati 4-Jan-22 8:21am    
It solved issues in the past, especially when CString was used as part of a non MFC project. Some CString member functions as slightly different between the MFC version and the ATL one, so when ATL is used, such conflicts are avoided.

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