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I am working on datagrid which contains two columns with 25 rows, I need to arrange the data in the order as
1.First ten rows shown in the col1,col2
2.Next ten rows in new columns(like columns in rdlc reports)

Kindly can anyone guide me to achieve this...
Ajit Hegde 20-Sep-11 3:04am
What you mean is 1st 10 rows contains data in col1 and in col2 it is empty and for next 10 rows col1 is empty and col2 contains data. is that right?
sathya4260 20-Sep-11 7:03am
Ex: Mark1,Mark2 are columns and rows are students mark, if there are 25 students, first ten students mark1,mark2 are displayed in col1,col2 and
for next ten students mark1,mark2 two new columns are added as col3,col4 this goes on,, till how many students are there...

1 solution

I think you could do it with LINQ like this:

StudentsDataContext db=new StudentsDataContex();
var tblStudents= (from row in db.tStudents).OrderBy(p=>p.col1).ThenBy(p=>p.col2);


Wish this helps you.

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