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hi all,
Before I start writing my question I want to make it clear that this is my first post and I am really newbie in programming. I just learned C (i.e string manipulation, array n all). I use very old version of turbo C compiler ( blue screen:P now I know its antique these dayz) (coz my friend told me that its easy to use and with C you can do anything which other compiler can do). I have to admit it was really easy to understand.

Now I want to make a program which takes image as an input n also give image as an input with some editing like zoom in/out. I dont know where to start.

So my question is: Is it possible with C n this compiler to input image and store its pixel in array coz all libraries ( like magick++, opencv, CImg) I tried gives error during compilation, so I think they r not compatible with this compiler.

After some more google search I came around this code:
FILE *fp;
unsigned char *bufferImmagine;
bufferImmagine=new unsigned char [dimX*dimY*3];
fread (bufferImmagine,dimX*dimY*3,1,fp);

but I can't understand anything in it. So please help here also.

and my last question is:
I want to learn graphic handling and c++ now. So please suggest me a good way and a good compiler. whether I stick with this turbo c++, or use new version of borland or VC++??
n also tell me what is the difference between these compilers??

thanks n regard
Updated 19-Sep-11 23:11pm

You are approaching this problem from the wrong starting point. You say that you do not understand the code snippet posted above, which is a fairly simple piece of C code. You would be better spending some time learning the basics of file handling and Windows programming before moving on to graphics. As to which compiler to use I would suggest Microsoft's C++ compiler which you can get free here[^].
deepak212 20-Sep-11 5:50am
thanks richard...
but what i didnt understand in that code is:
it is allocation (dimx*dimy*3) bytes of space to bufferimmagine....
then i m opening image in that...
but to do that i should know dimension of image first....
if i want to input images of different sizes then how can i do that???
Richard MacCutchan 20-Sep-11 5:58am
You cannot do it this way. Images are not simple files of X x Y bytes. They have specific control information around them to show how the raw bytes are transformed into colours on the screen, and each file type has a different format. Try searching Google for BMP, JPEG, GIF, etc. to get some more information.
As I said above you really need to have a good understanding of file handling before you can approach this more advanced subject.
deepak212 21-Sep-11 16:31pm
ok thanks richard...
i think so better way for me is to write code in vs.
deepak212 21-Sep-11 16:31pm
and use some libraries.
Richard MacCutchan 22-Sep-11 3:19am
Here are two article links on CodeProject that you should find useful:
Bitmap Basics and Loading JPEG and PNG images.
you can not directly include the image in the c++.
and the last ans of your question is that you use the turbo c++ for the graphic and for leaning the graphic you can prefer the book graphic in c.
deepak212 20-Sep-11 5:02am
thanks for your reply.... but my question is then how can I input image in C or C++. and store its pixel values in 2Darray for manipulation?

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