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i want to select productid, productname and unitprice form Products table and Quantity form ShoppingCart table.. ShoppingCart Table have ( ProductID,CustomerID,Quantity attributes)

i wrote a sql query for that it seems right but there is an error Can't Find table 0

The Query is

select Products.ProductID,Products.ProductName,Products.UnitPrice,ShoppingCart.Quantity from Products LEFT JOIN ShoppintCart on Products.ProductID=ShoppingCart.ProductID"; 

On Sql Server I am getting an Error Invalid Object Name Products
Updated 20-Sep-11 9:33am

Since ShoppingCart is in singular form even though many Shopping carts are stored in it maybe the table name Products is wrong and it should be Product instead. In my opinion tables should always be in singular form unless one row expresses something that would have to be expressed as a plural.

If you made sure that Products is indeed the correct name of your table, you also have to make sure that you are using the correct database. If your default databasee is master or some other database that does not contain your tables you can always use the T-SQL[^] statement use <database name>[^].

Best Regards,

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ShopintCart ? Shouldn't that be ShopingCart?


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codegeekalpha 20-Sep-11 15:14pm    
opps thax.. i correct it ..but still getting the same error???
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 21-Sep-11 3:27am    
Please see my alternate solution for additional information.
This error means your SQL query can't find the table "Products" where it is trying to look for it. It could be that you pointed the query to the wrong database, that you forgot to create your table or that you misspelled the table name when you created it.

Good Luck
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