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I have scenario where i need to split the bstr into two seperate bstr using a delimiter.
Is there any API/macro available

You may use the methods provided by another string class, for instance std::wstring.
e.g. (using a blank as delimiter):
bstr_t b = bstr_t(L"Hi folks");
wstring w = b;
wstring::size_type pos = w.find(L' ');
bstr_t b1 = w.substr(0, pos).c_str();
bstr_t b2 = w.substr(pos+1).c_str();
explorerC 22-Sep-11 9:19am
Hi there
If i use wstring Im getting the below error.
error C2039: 'wstring' : is not a member of 'std'

My project is and ATL COM Server project .Do i need to include anything
CPallini 22-Sep-11 9:24am
Yes you need to include the string header:
#include <string>
explorerC 22-Sep-11 9:31am
Thanks ........gr8
CPallini 22-Sep-11 16:27pm
You are welcome.
I think this link will provide some good information on this and will lead you to the anser.[^]

Good luck!

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