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I am doing a project car rental system with SQL Server 2005 using in c#.
We have to implement triggers ,stored procedures in that
Please let me know how to implement them.
Also can you give me an idea about my interface should look like.
I am sending my case study.


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NAME: Bhrahmagna Trivedi                 


DATE:    16/ 10/2008                


Version No.	Date	Changed By	Changes Made
1.0	03/07/2008	Bhrahmagna Trivedi	Base Version 

Car Hire Rating System


The objective of this case study is to apply the learnt concepts and acquired skills. On completion of the case study participant should be able to:
•	Create the required tables in SQL Server.
•	Create stored procedures and triggers.
•	Generate unique Application Id using index or sequence.
•	Create web services.
•	Generate auto emails.


The participant should have 
1)	Knowledge of Normalization
2)	Working knowledge of creating tables, views, stored procedures with Transact-SQL
3)	Implementation Knowledge of SQL and Joins
4)	Familiarization with Visual studio
5)	Good knowledge of establishing connections with ADO.NET
6)	3-Tier implementation knowledge with web services


Participant should be able to demonstrate Database design, Coding and Testing skills.
with SQL * Server, ASP.NET, ADO.NET and Web Services
Concepts – Normalization


This is an individual case study and the duration is 24 hours (3 days)

A travel & tour agency provides vehicles for hire.   They have a fleet of vehicles to offer for hire.  All of them are 4-wheelers with right hand drive. The vehicles are Vans and Cars.  The fuel required for them could be petrol and diesel too.  The agency has different rates for each type of vehicle.  The agency has vehicles fitted with ACs only.  The agency maintains ace drivers who could be touring guides too for the tourists.  The vehicles are well maintained by the agency so that they don’t break down during long distance travels.  They contain all types of spares, a mobile phone given to driver and even vehicle tracker equipment attached to them so that the vehicle is never left unguarded. An Operator of agency can book the car as per customer requirements and user can also book car online.

Registered User: Operator is registered user and can access the services provided by the agency and hire cars for customers.

	Unregistered Users: Those are customers who can hire car online.


•	The application should have login page in which the Operator/ User (customers) should login with the User Id provided by the agency website. 
•	In order to avail the services for hiring a car, provide a link for registration to the services in the Home Page.
•	The registration page should include following information: a) Customer Name b) Address c) Contact No. d) Email Id e) car f) place g) dateofhire. When user clicks the submit button a unique Application ID must be generated using index/sequence.
•	Automatic Email Generation should be done to requestors when a request is received.
•	Retrieve the information of available car for hiring.
•	Make a web service that returns the available car details for hiring.
•	Based upon the rate calculate the total amount and update the user’s information accordingly.

Environment			: Net Framework, Visual Studio
Operating System		: Windows
Programming Language		: ASP.NET with C#/VB
Scripting Language		: Java Script
Database				: SQL Server

•	Website Accessed by 2 type of users
	Unregistered User(Customers)
	Registered User(Operator)
•	Auto mail should be generated.
•	The database containing tables has to be created.
•	Web service should make to get information about available cars.
The agency has a website and it takes vehicle requisitions through web, email, phone and even fax.  Web visitors search for tour plans, vehicle rents, their mileage rates along with vehicle types and register for one of them.

Vehicle type	Vehicle name	Fuel required	Seating capacity	Rent per day	Rate per km
Van	Scorpio	Diesel	7	1800	
Van	Tata Sumo	Diesel	7	1700	
Van	Toyota Qualis	Diesel	7	2000	
Car 	Esteem	Petrol	4	1750	
Car 	Honda City	Petrol	4	2500	
Car 	Hyundai Accent	Petrol	4	2100	

Tourist Destination	Distance from Hyderabad
Srisailam	240
Nagarjunasagar	180
Tirupathi	720


•	Giving incorrect data type and length while creating Table
•	Trying to create Table without mentioning the database and Table space name
•	Trying to insert data into table without Creating Unique index.
•	Problem in Connection String.
•	Not following the Coding standards.
•	SMTP port is not open for auto Email generation.


•	Refer to checklist for deliverables


•	Discussion on alternate solution provided by others.
•	Lessons learnt


•	PRO 3.5 by Matthew McDonalad.
•	Sql Server 2005 by Wrox publication.
•	ASP.NET 2.0 by Wrox publication.
Updated 23-Sep-11 23:13pm
André Kraak 24-Sep-11 5:14am
It would be best if you did your own homework, it is given to you so that you will learn something. Read your text books and give it a try.
If you have a specific problem later on post a detailed question and we will gladly try to help you solve it.
satishmachineni 26-Sep-11 1:00am
ya sure thank u completed half now .one doubt,how to send an automatic email using trigger plz give me the code

1 solution

Start by searching Google on the subject.

You should be familiar with researching your topics for your assignments by now.
satishmachineni 26-Sep-11 1:01am
ya with the help of google completed upto interface,now on creating tables.thank u for ur suggestion

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