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Hello, I am writing a Silverlight application in visual studio 2010 and have my data in sqlserver 2008. I use Linq to sqlclasses on the webserver side which I expose to silverlight client through silverlight enabled wcf web service. Then i bind the proxy class members (that i get through service reference) to UI silverlight controls. I want to validate the user input in these controls whether it is textboxes datetimepickers grids e.t.c. I have read many articles about implementing the IDataErrorInfo interface in the class that i wish to bind e.t.c. Problem is that i do not bind to a class written by me.linq to sql class code is autogenerated. I bind to the proxy class (that is a linq to sql class exposed by a wcf service). I tried writing my validation rules in the designer of the dbml file in the in the "set" section of the properties(columns). I also tried implementing IDataErrorInfo interface in the designer file but neither approach validates user input in the UI. What can I do?

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The problem is the class attributes arent passed through to the auto generated client proxy, i think the precribed method is to have the models in a seperate assembly and reference it in the server and client apps.

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