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Hi all,

I am developing a application in VB.NET 3.5 and using sharp develop.

There is a form which has 2 buttons. I am using ToolTip component to show the tool-tip.
I need to show the title along with tool-tip (for both button the title and tool-tip are different).
On form load I have assign the tool-tip to both the button using the command
CSearch.SetToolTip(Me.Button5,"Add new reminders.")

CSearch - is the name of the tool-tip.

And when the mouse move over this button I have used the mouse hover event of the button to set the title
CSearch_Tooltip.ToolTipTitle = "Reminders (F5)"

I want to show the tool-tip after 2 sec once mouse move over it. I have set the property of Csearch
Automatic Delay: 2000
Auto Pop Delay: 30000
InitialDelay: 2000
ReshowDelay 1000

But when I run the application and move mouse over the button the tool tip is being displayed immediately without any delay (which I don't want). When I take mouse away from the button and again move the mouse pointer over it then it shows after 2 sec.

I want that every time when the tool-tip is displayed it should show 2 sec delay.
Updated 27-Sep-11 9:59am
André Kraak 27-Sep-11 15:53pm    
Where do you set the delay property for the tool-tip?
harshad oswal 28-Sep-11 0:24am    
Yes i have initialise the delay property at run time during form load event.

CSearch_Tooltip.AutoPopDelay = 30000
CSearch_Tooltip.InitialDelay = 2000
CSearch_Tooltip.ReshowDelay = 1000
CSearch_Tooltip.ShowAlways = True

Then also the same error is there.

1 solution

If you are setting the delay property of the ToolTip[^] in the mouse hover event, move it to the form load.
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