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Hi all
I make large program with c# and use entity framework .
I need run this program without install Visual Stdio now I what needs install to run this program.
I install dot net framework 4 and SQLExpr32_x86_enu but not work my program !
André Kraak 27-Sep-11 11:28am
Please specify the error message you are getting.

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esmailian 27-Sep-11 16:14pm
I find , my program need msxml 6 service pack 2 (kb954459)
But this don't install in my windows 7 . why ?

You need to learn and understand what it means to deploy a windows application.
A good starting point for this can be found in the MSDN[^] documentation on the subject.
Instead of doing this manually, create a "setup and deployment" project, which will handle the dependencies and assembly registration for you. That should work better than any manual installation.

You should not try to install SQL Server with your app:

0) You can only distribute SQL Server Express for copyright reasons - not SQL Server full version.
1) They may already have SQL Server installed on the network. If so, then they will presumably want to use that version.
2) If they do have SQL server installed and you start proliferating SQL server Express instances, you are going to annoy the heck out of the database administrator...
3) A single site installation of SQl Server is a lot more likely to be backed up than a number of scattered version under user control.
4) Sql server is quite complex for a "normal" user to install and administer - it is not a good idea!
5) It will destroy the primary advantage of using Sql Server over SqlCE or SQLite - multiuser access. If everyone installs their own copy of SQL server, then you will have multiple copies of your database, each used by a single person. This will cause some confusion, and (depending on how you wrote the original database) may take some considerable effort to combine into a single instance when the problem is realized.

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