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How do I get the total page count of a document of the pdf using itextsharp?

I want to display total pagecount on footer of each page.
There is the property document.PageCount (but from this we can just set to count as user want).
From the following coding I got total count in OnCloseDocument() event of PdfPageEventHelper but not getting this count on OnEndPage().

int totcountPage = 0;
public override void OnCloseDocument(PdfWriter writer, Document document)
       int pageNumber = writer.PageNumber - 1;
       totcountPage = writer.PageNumber;

In above I have got total count of pages but I want to display on footer of page.
int i=0;
public override void OnEndPage(PdfWriter writer, Document doc)
   Paragraph para = new Paragraph(i + " of "  + totcountPage + "", footer);

Here as event OnEndPage() called first as before of OnCloseDocument() , thats why displaying totcountPage as 0. so I am not getting right output which I want.

For ex showing output
1 of 0... On first page
5 of 0...On Fifth Page

For ex expected output
1 of 5... On first page
5 of 5 ...On Fifth Page

So please help me.
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The way I see it, you'll have 2 options:

1) Build your complete PDF and then add your footers, but I don't know if that's possible with ItextSharp.

2) Create a memorystream, build your PDF, get the total number of pages and then create a filestream that (re)builds your PDF with the correct footnotes.
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I have no idea. I think it is not possible .Because until the document is finished that can you know how many pages you will get .Understand?
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