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Error C2039 Is Not A Member Of

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I'm trying to do conversions between Filetime and Systemtime and I'm getting an Error C2039 that OneMinuteAgo is not a meber of class FILETIME. What am I doing wrong? And how can I fix this?

#include string 
#include vector
#include windows.h
#include time.h 
#include map
struct file_data 
    std::wstring sLastAccessTime; 
    __int64 nFileSize      ; 

int GetFileList(const wchar_t *searchkey, std::map &map) 
    WIN32_FIND_DATA fd; 
    HANDLE h = FindFirstFile(searchkey,&fd); 
        return 0; // no files found 
       	wchar_t buf[128]; 
        SYSTEMTIME st;
	SystemTimeToFileTime(&st, &ftNow);
    	li.LowPart = ftNow.dwLowDateTime;
        li.HighPart = ftNow.dwHighDateTime;
	auto ftAs64 = ftNow.OneMinuteAgo.dwLowDateTime + ((unsigned__int64)         ftNow.OneMinuteAgo.dwHighDateTime << 32) - 6000000000UL;

FILETIME ftOneMinuteAgo = { (DWORD)ftAs64, (DWORD)(ftAs64 >> 32) };
FileTimeToSystemTime(&ftNow, &st); 
wsprintf(buf, L"%d-%02d-%02d",st.wYear, st.wMonth, st.wDay); 
file_data filedata; 
filedata.sLastAccessTime= buf; 
filedata.nFileSize      = (((__int64)fd.nFileSizeHigh) << 32) + fd.nFileSizeLow; 
        map[fd.cFileName]= filedata; 
        if (FindNextFile(h, &fd) == FALSE) 
return map.size(); 
Tags: C++, Windows


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