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I am working on creating an application that includes a text editor. I need to give some indication to the user about the current insert mode of the editor box - (will it insert the characters or overwrite them?). The RichTextBox processes the Insert key well - toggling the insert mode on every key press. But, I did not find a way of querying the RichTextBox, to find what is the current insert mode. Tried to google around for it, without much luck.

One way I thought of, is to handle the insert key processing and the insert / overwrite logic, within my code - so that I can control the insert mode and display the notification. But that would mean unnecessary duplication of a functionality that is already built in.

I am sure, if the RichTextBox processes the insert key, there must be some way of checking the current mode. Can someone help me with this?
Updated 3-Oct-11 18:42pm
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With WPF, you can checkup System.Windows.Input.Keyboard.IsKeyToggled(Key.Insert), see[^].

Unfortunately, there is no such thing in System.Windows.Forms. One work-around is using Windows API GetKeyState, via P/Invoke, see[^]. For toggled state you need to examine low-order bit of the result, so mask it like this result = GetKeyState(/*...*/) & 1.

Unfortunately, using P/Invoke would break platform compatibility — the code will work only on Windows (a Forms application could work well on many platforms without recompilation under Mono,[^],[^]). By this reason, your approach which does not require P/Invoke is better.

There is one more reason: every instance of System.Windows.Forms.RichTextBox control has its own insert state that is independent of the global insert state as well as the insert state of all other RichTextBox controls. Take a look at this text:[^] (sorry, it's in VB.NET, but you can understand it). See also this discussion:[^].

You are right about unnecessary duplication of a functionality, but this functionality is not expose, which is a shame, I would say. So, you will need to handle some key event anyway, because even when you can poll the keyboard status, you need some event to trigger your check.

[no name] 3-Oct-11 23:41pm
Thanks for your help with this... the and codeguru links are good.
You're welcome.
Good luck, call again.

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