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ON SQL Server

i want to input integer data to table like this 0000001
not 1 as single

can i do that??

1 solution

No. An integer has no concept of leading zeros. If you want to display it as such, then you need to convert it to a string format, either with SQL commands or as part of your display code.
You can brute force it in SQL as:
SELECT RIGHT('000000'+ CONVERT(VARCHAR,myIntColumn),7) AS leadingZeroNumber FROM myTable
But I would probably do it in the presentation layer to ensure the results are source independent.
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gunkrr 6-Oct-11 4:03am    
this is my case

Insert into tb_generateid(id,firstname,lastname)
Values('L11'+CAST((@id+1) as varchar(10))+'IVO',@FirstName,@LastName)

i must input @id, but @id is 1 not 0000001
can i create it to be 0000001 ???
OriginalGriff 6-Oct-11 4:46am    
The same RIGHT('000... code will work there.

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