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hi I hav an online web based application. Where I wnt to get Client's Motherboard Name and Computer Name from Server Side..
Philippe Mori 8-Oct-11 8:05am    
Respect user privacy and don't get such information from them.

You can't

Well you could if you had an application running on the client PC which your server could connect to. You could instead send the information from the client to to the server, for this ActiveX is one option.
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Mehdi Gholam 7-Oct-11 7:04am    
Just posted the same, 5!
puneetisonfire89 7-Oct-11 7:14am    
y i knw it will don by Activx control bt how it used..
Plz giv an exmple of ActivX control
Simon Bang Terkildsen 7-Oct-11 7:29am    
HAHAHA, ActiveX is not something you simply say here see these three, five lines of code and then you understand it, ActiveX is a ton load of trouble and requires a lot of effort on your part to get to work correctly and reliably. If you still want to do this Google ActiveX to find educational resources.
puneetisonfire89 8-Oct-11 1:23am    
yes sir u r right...
The information you are referring to requires privileged access on the client computer, a web page running on a browser does not have the required security permissions as it will be running in a sandbox for privacy and security reasons.

So it cannot be done with or any other server side language.
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Simon Bang Terkildsen 7-Oct-11 7:05am    
exactly, my 5
puneetisonfire89 7-Oct-11 7:15am    
bt sir i need tht acorin to the requrimnt..

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