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Hi everyone! I am a noob in C++/CLI, I d like to ask a small question:

I need to get the MOD and the DIV of two integer variables A and B,

How can I do A=A(MOD)B and A=A(DIV)B in the right syntax and... should I add an special header to my code in order to use these!??? THANKS
Updated 7-Mar-18 23:46pm

% - mod
/ - div

int i1 = 5 % 2; // i1 == 1
int i2 = 5 / 2; // i2 == 2
Espen Harlinn 12-Oct-11 10:07am
Right :)
Member 13715279 8-Mar-18 7:58am
How you do DIV if i2 is type real instead of int?
jeron1 8-Mar-18 10:46am
You probably shouldn't resurrect a 7 year old thread, but instead start a new one, but take a look Basic Math coding - C++ Forum[^] for some rules using division.
While Simon is entirely right there is also
ldiv_t ldiv ( long int numerator, long int denominator );

Which returns the integral quotient and remainder of the division of numerator by denominator as a structure of type ldiv_t, this structure has two members quot and rem. If you need both results calling ldiv is more efficient.

Best regards
Espen Harlinn

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