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I'm having a difficult time trying to accomplish a task that involves non techfriendly individuals.

My issue is this; I was tasked to create an action similar to that of copyright protection for an Excel workbook that he wants to share, but he wants them to agree to "not sharing" the information located within. If they do not agree then he doesn't want them to open it.

I considered using scripts that would call the Excel sheet from a network directory, but we have restrictions on passing around executable files, and some of the people are not located in our intranet.

Can this be accomplished using a workbook via macros? Is this even possible, as even CodeProject's Archives and articles/Google/Technet/ and my mother didn't appear to lead me anywhere but into a face palm?

Mt other thought was using HTML, but I think that he wants them to be able to change some of results to see if the formulas work correctly, and my HTML is akin to the running ability of a 3-peckered billy goat...

Thank you for your time,


1 solution

My suggestion would be to add a Auto_open VBA macro which offers the copyright notice as a dialog. The user then has the choice to click on Accept or Reject, and if not Accept the macro automatically closes the worksheet. Of course, this is not foolproof, but it is at least good enough to make honest people consider their actions.
SCraw2855 10-Oct-11 20:13pm
Good thinking Richard, thank you for the idea.
Richard MacCutchan 11-Oct-11 4:04am
Happy to help.

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