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Hi there, I have a visual basic windows form with a datagrid and a picturebox.
The datagrid is hooked up to a database that contains three fields :

Id int
Description varchar(100)
AbsPath varchar(200)

when the form loads the picturebox is filled with a photo image from AbsPath.
Nothing special about that in its self.

I have configured a query to search description like this:

SELECT        id, Description, AbsPath
    FROM            TablePhoto
    WHERE        (Description LIKE @Description + N'%')

The problem is the search only matches from the left of 'description"

So if I enter "white" for the search I get

white rose
white flower

If I enter "flower" I get nothing

According to what I have read I should be able to use the LIKE wildcard %% so the search will match "flower" within the description so I should get:

white flower<br />
Blue flower<br />

But what is the correct syntax to use, I have tried various combinations but the query builder dosnt seem to like it.

Thanks in advance for any help
Updated 11-Oct-11 22:44pm

SELECT            id, Description, AbsPath
     FROM                  TablePhoto
     WHERE            (Description LIKE '%'+@Description+'%')
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hamed2011 21-Feb-15 3:42am    
tnx a lot guys work like charm!!
select id, Description, AbsPath from TablePhotowhere Description LIKE '%' + @Description+'%'

try this


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