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I am working on the Client Server Project. I am facing a problem which is that the responses from the server are in string form bufferreader.readline() on clientSide.

If I am displaying this response on console then everything is fine but I have to display that Respond text data in the EditText Box. In that case my application is going to crash.
public void run() {
 // TODO Auto-generated method stub
 try {
       System.out.println("Thread try state.");
       while ((message = reader.readLine()) != null)
              //System.out.println("Read :" + message);

              // BufferedReader kb=new BufferedReader(new
              // InputStreamReader(;
              // Log.e("Read:", message);

             chat_window_txtBox.append(message + "\n");  /// TRY STEP 1.....  Leaving POINT
                  tempString = message.toString();
                 System.out.println("Read :" + tempString);
              chat_window_txtBox.setText(tempString,BufferType.EDITABLE);/// TRY STEP2 ..... LEAVEING POINT
     } catch (IOException e) {
           System.out.println("Cahched in Run::::");
           // TODO Auto-generated catch block
Updated 12-Oct-11 1:23am
Slacker007 12-Oct-11 6:23am    
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