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How to send bulk SMS to mobiles(all operators) in my Application??? is not working..
Do you know any sms sending gateways(free or paid)??
If u know plz send links and codes...
Do you know any sms sending webservices(working).
Plz help me...
Thanx in advance..
Updated 14-Oct-11 20:16pm
shalinibharani 9-Jul-12 6:59am
i need to send the verify code by sms to register mobile no in c#

abintj 15-Oct-11 2:17am
this is not working
Rakesh_jec001 8-Nov-13 6:44am
I want to create a window form to send sms on any mobile via WayToSms using C# 3.5 framework..
Please help me....
theanil 15-Oct-11 13:03pm
have you checked it clearly. i have checked its working on my machine.
abintj 17-Oct-11 0:32am
Code are working perfectly.. But i Havn't get any sms.
theanil 17-Oct-11 1:08am
have you placed that library file in resources?
And also check your way2sms id and password.
theanil 17-Oct-11 1:21am
or else post that 4 lines code.
abintj 18-Oct-11 1:12am
now its ok..later my number was in DND mode..
theanil 18-Oct-11 13:17pm
varaprasadreddy 5-Apr-12 15:15pm
it didn't work for me......
arpanvgm 25-Sep-12 12:19pm
It is not working
Vrushal Talegaonkar 17-May-13 9:58am
hey its returning -11, what does that mean??????
Using the code

In this article I am using a web service which already exists. Since this web service is tie up with ICQ instant messaging service make our work easier. With the help of this web service we can able to send SMS to various countries like India, US, UK, Malaysia, Japan etc. In this article I have used the web service from they are providing Webs Service Definition Language (WSDL) link for sending SMS.

For sending SMS to the world:
For sending SMS to India:

Here I m attaching the sample code for sending SMS.
private void Send_Click(
 object sender, System.EventArgs e)
      { smsIndia= 
          new; smsWorld =  
        if(rdoType.SelectedValue == "1")
            txtEmailId.Text.Trim(), txtMessage.Text);
           txtCountryCode.Text.Trim(), txtMobileNo.Text.Trim(), 
        lblMessage.Visible = true;
        lblMessage.Text="Message Send Succesfully";
      catch(Exception ex)
        lblMessage.Visible = true;
        lblMessage.Text="Error in Sending message"+ex.ToString();

    private void rdoType_SelectedIndexChanged(
     object sender, System.EventArgs e)
      if(rdoType.SelectedValue =="1")
        txtCountryCode.Enabled = false;
        txtCountryCode.Enabled = false;

abintj 14-Oct-11 2:46am
This not working..
varaprasadreddy 13-Apr-12 1:39am
see below link
Leo Rajendra Dhakal 7-Sep-12 4:36am
It's not working
Member 12090731 20-Jul-16 3:07am
its not working .,
There are very nice articles at CodeProject. They may get you going :
1. Sending SMS using .NET through a Web service[^]
2. Sending SMS using .NET[^]

Other than this, you mentioned about SMS Gateway providers. There are some good providers, though paid, in the market.
1. SMS Gateway[^]
2. Gateway4SMS[^]
3. SMS Lane[^]

Hope this helps.
All the best.
abintj 14-Oct-11 1:14am
Codeproject article is good. But it is not working..
Here is the simple solution using way2sms / 160by2 accounts tested and working....[^]
arpanvgm 25-Sep-12 12:19pm
It is not working

You can search this link to send massages you entered any number. i tested its working good.

your can registered developer api then after you can get some application you have read all following impotent to do good luck.

Laxman M,
Software developer.

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