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i want to take the values form checkout.aspx page to confirm.aspx page.. using sessions.

but i am getting error

Object Reference not set to Instance of an object Exception

on checkout.aspx page. i wrote the code as

// Checkout.aspx

Order o = new Order();
        o.CustomerID = User.Identity.Name;
        Session["CustomerID"] = o.CustomerID;
        o.OrderDate = DateTime.Now;
        o.FirstName = firstnametxt.Text;
        Session["FirstName"] = o.FirstName;
        o.LastName = lastnametxt.Text;
        Session["LastName"] = o.LastName;
        o.Company = companytxt.Text;
        Session["Company"] = o.Company;
        o.Address = addresstxt.Text;
        Session["Address"] = o.Address;
        o.Country = dpcountry.Text;
        Session["Country"] = o.Country;
        o.City = citytxt.Text;
        Session["City"] = o.City;
        o.Province = provincetxt.Text;
        Session["Province"] = o.Province;
        o.ZipCode = zipcodetxt.Text;
        Session["ZipCode"] = o.ZipCode;
        o.Telephone = telephonetxt.Text;
        Session["Telephone"] = o.Telephone;
        o.Fax = faxtxt.Text;
        Session["Fax"] = o.Fax;

On Confirm.aspx page load i wrote the code. but not able to get value of session in label fieldss

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
 lblfirstname.Text = Session["FirstName"].ToString();
        lbllastname.Text = Session["LastName"].ToString();
        lbladdress.Text = Session["Address"].ToString();
        lblphoneno.Text = Session["Telephone"].ToString();
        lblprovince.Text = Session["Province"].ToString();
        lblcity.Text = Session["City"].ToString();
        lblpostalcode.Text = Session["ZipCode"].ToString();


one of the possibilities is may be the code within Page_Load () of Confirm.aspx is getting executed before the piece of code in checkout.aspx. ensure that checkout.aspx event gets fired and code within the event gets executed before Conform.aspx's Page_Load().

Moreover, it will be good practice to initialize all the required properties of order object and set the session object at once.

Hope this will help you.
RaviRanjanKr 16-Oct-11 16:24pm
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Debug the code and see what you are getting in session variables in you checkout.aspx.

You are getting this error just because session variables doesn’t contain a reference to any object in memory. If you try to call .ToString() on an object, and your variable is null, you’ll get this exception.

hope it helps :)
codegeekalpha 16-Oct-11 14:42pm
now what i have to do??
Uday P.Singh 16-Oct-11 15:44pm
did you debug the code?
Uday P.Singh 16-Oct-11 15:43pm
please tell the reason for downvote...
RaviRanjanKr 16-Oct-11 16:18pm
My 5+
Uday P.Singh 17-Oct-11 1:38am
thanks Ravi :)
codegeekalpha 17-Oct-11 8:56am
i did not downvote it...
You need to configure session state via the web config file as shown here[^].
check the session variable names in both of the pages.
and debug it once line by line you will get exact location of the error try it

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