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Is there is any provision to zoom in or zoom out of opened document in web browser control
Updated 9-Mar-17 22:53pm

This[^] might help you.
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why not this way?
<pre lang="c#">private void WebBrowser_LoadCompleted(object sender, System.Windows.Navigation.NavigationEventArgs e)
            ((WebBrowser)sender).InvokeScript("eval", "$('html, body').css('zoom', '90%')");
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Graeme_Grant 10-Mar-17 4:56am    
Why are you answering a 6-year-old question??? Please don't.
[no name] 22-Sep-20 16:55pm    
Why are you commenting on a 6 year old post??? Please don't.
Graeme_Grant 24-Sep-20 4:40am    
Mate, check your dates ... you're commenting on my 6-year-old reply...
[no name] 24-Sep-20 14:11pm    
that was my point. Why put a time limit on asking questions or posting better solutions? Did c# disappear? Leave your snarkiness for StackOverflow.
CHill60 10-Mar-17 6:51am    
Not only have you answered a 6-year old question that is already adequately answered you have provided a solution in C# for a question tagged as VB!

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