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I was trying to parse a shell command so I can execute it with my own shell:

cp = (strtok(command, hash));            //Get the initial string (the command)
parameter[0] = (char*) malloc(strlen(cp)+ 1);                     //Allocate some space to the first element in the array
strncpy(parameter[0], cp, strlen(cp)+ 1);
for(i = 1; i < MAX_ARG; i++)
    cp = strtok(NULL, hash);                 //Check for each string in the array
    parameter[i] = (char*) malloc(strlen(cp)+ 1);
    strncpy(parameter[i], cp, strlen(cp)+ 1);                      //Store the result string in an indexed off array
    if(parameter[i]  == NULL)
    if(strcmp(parameter[i], "|") == 0)
        cp = strtok(NULL, hash);
        parameter2[0] = (char*) malloc(strlen(cp)+ 1);
        strncpy(parameter2[0], cp, strlen(cp)+ 1);
        //Find the second set of commands and parameters
        for (j = 1; j < MAX_ARG; j++)
            cp = strtok(NULL, hash);
            if (strlen(cp) == NULL)
            parameter2[j] = (char*) malloc(strlen(cp)+ 1);
            strncpy(parameter2[j], cp, strlen(cp)+ 1);

This portion is supposed to store the command and parameters in their corresponding arrays. However, if it sees a " | (a pipe) ", its suppose to enter store the second set of command parameter properly. When I run this code I get an error when I do strlen(cp) == NULL
Updated 20-Oct-11 0:05am
Mehdi Gholam 20-Oct-11 5:06am    
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1 solution

strtok() returns a pointer to the next token or NULL. If it returns NULL then the call to strlen() will fail because you have passed it an invalid pointer. Your code should read:
cp = strtok(NULL, hash);
if (cp == NULL)

Note that you have similar bugs elsewhere in your code; you must check that the return from strtok() is non-null before passing it to any other function.
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