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I have the following txt fil, I'm wondering how can I pars it and search for Cell And Engin words, what I want is to print out the method name that contains Cell, Engine words. the following is the txt file don't look at it as java code since I already moved it to txt file for parsing purposes.

public void testGetMonsters() {
Cell cell11 = aBoard.getCell(1, 1);
theEngine = new Engine(theGame);

public void testDxDyPossibleMove() {
Cell cell11 = aBoard.getCell(1, 1);
the output of parsing looks like: testGetMonsters method contains Cell and Engine words
testDxDyPossibleMove method contains Cell word
Updated 25-Oct-11 9:09am
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 25-Oct-11 13:35pm
testGetMonsters and testDxDyPossibleMove are not classes, but they are methods. Are you sure of what you're what trying to achieve?
medoded2009 25-Oct-11 13:59pm
sorry yes you are right

1 solution

If the words Cell and Engine have to be Java types[^], as your usage sample suggests, there is no way around using a real parser that can parse the Java language. If the words can appear in any context you could go after them with regular expressions[^] making sure that the words you are searching for are delimited by word boundary characters ("\b").

This site can help you build a Java parser as there are already samples for the complete Java grammar:[^].

If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to leave a comment.


medoded2009 25-Oct-11 14:01pm
Dear Manfred the that code above is a text, sine i have already written a code to copy the java code to test.txt file

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