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Hi there

I come from the old client/server architecture of Delphi 5.0 using BDE and delphi datasets (TTable and TQuery). No object orientation or multi tiered architecture was used.

We developed an ERP system using the aforementioned "technologies" and MS SQL Server, was quite simple really but is quickly becoming redundant and are struggling to keep the look and feel fresh and in line with current trends.

We would ideally like to move to a C# Windows application. I guess my question is, what is the current preferred best practise when it comes to developing a Windows Forms MS SQL transactional system using C# ?

I have developed Web Based .Net applications using multi layers and business objects using Unity and ADO.NET but find that reusing those layers with a Windows GUI isnt necessarily the easiest or most intuitive method. Almost seems like every control needs to be bounds through code at run time.

What I am looking for is a way to generate Data , Data Access , Business and Presentation Layers that will allow me to easily bind controls to business ibjects without the tedious tasks of coding all the bindings. In Delphi I would drag and drop a datsource control and TQuery component. Write my sql statement and just point a control to the datasource and data column. I know this in naive and primitive, but it is easy and quick.

In our environment, the client will always be connected to the dataset and inserting, updating and deleting of data needs to be quick and the processing of transactions needs to be responsive too. This is one of the reasons a web based interface will not work.

Any advice, sample code to start with as a base would help tremendously. I want to redevelop my system following best practises and latest technologies.

BobJanova 26-Oct-11 11:48am    
You might want to look at WPF if it's a completely clean slate, its data binding capabilities are significantly more advanced than WinForms'.

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