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Hello Friends,

I am creating online store website for one furniture shop. I have made some web designs for this project. Now, I am covered by many questions.
The questions I am listing here.

1) How to do listing of products such Product image, descriptions and price? ( Static or using Database ?)

2) How to do online payment? I have heard of Paypal, but I am not sure how much it costs me? are there any other methods to do it?

3)How to provide secure connections (HTTPS) to users?

4) How to track records of stocks, selling products and other related statics?

These questions are for website development.

Now if I make small ERP for company that keep records of transactions, stocks and related issues, than How Can I do it?

We provide to customer for payment, EFTPOS machine for (Credit,Saving and Visa) account and Cash. And for record, write Tax Invoices manually.

I want to make web application for such things ( Like we have facilities in Supermarket). How can I do that?

Appreciate you for taking time to read and answer.

Hakoo Desai.
BillWoodruff 26-Oct-11 20:33pm    
... reposted as answer per SAK's suggestion.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-Oct-11 20:40pm    
Maybe, this is a good idea; I would vote 5 if you posted it as a solution.
However, I explained what's involved in my answers to all 4 questions, please see.
BillWoodruff 26-Oct-11 22:09pm    
Hi SAK, well ... in that case ... I've now posted the comment as a solution, and I look forward to your ... highly-valued ... vote :)

Here is a feature complete project:[^]

What you're asking for can't really be given a "Quick answer". Use OFBiz as a reference implementation, as it provides a solid data model and implmentation.
Java isn't that hard to read for a c# developer - so dive in, it might seem complicated, but a lot of the stuff has to be done that way for legal reasons.

It sounds like your project is going to handle monetary transactions - this means that there is a lot of stuff you have to know about. The Sarbanes Oxley Act, in summary, requires that corporations maintain much better financial records than were required in the past. It requires companies to actually establish a system of internal controls by which financial reporting takes place. It then requires managers to prepare quarterly statements assessing the strengths and weaknesses of these controls, and furthermore forces an outside accounting agency to do provide an independent assessment of the in-house auditing controls, and to report any flaws which may indicate sloppy—or fraudulent—practices taking place.

As a part of financial reporting under SOX, record keeping is a major point of interest. When crafting this piece of legislation, federal lawmakers made sure that corporations would be required to maintain records—both paper and electronic—for a minimum of five years. For an age in which an increasing number of transactions and reporting have become electronic, Sarbox has placed a heavy strain on IT departments, email archiving specialists and Sarbanes Oxley software developers.

Sarbanes–Oxley Act[^]
Basel I[^]
Basel II[^]
Basel III[^][^]

Here is a brief overview:DBA Guide to Understanding Sarbanes OxleyPresentation[^]

Google provides a wealth of links[^] related to this topic, it has become an industry in it's own right ...

For example: Your system must track all changes related to monetary transactions, what was changed and who did it, and why was it done - simple overwrites of existing records must not be possible - because then you lose track of previous registrations. So change tracking and accountability must be built into your system from the start.

Most countries are implementing similar laws and regulations, and I imagine the requirements for accountable governance and risk assesment will be strengthened over the next years.

Best regards
Espen Harlinn
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-Oct-11 20:34pm    
Interesting product references, my 5. However, it does not answer 4 OP's questions. And this is not ASP.NET and not .NET, right?
So, I answered all the questions as they were posted in detail. Please see my solution.
BillWoodruff 26-Oct-11 22:42pm    
Nonsense: Espen's post is to a practical code example that could ... with difficulty ... be used as a model for the OP to learn from. Your "answers" are simply outlines of technologies off the top of your head.

This solution will definitely require client/server internet architecture, either Php, or ASP.NET
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-Oct-11 20:37pm    
OP commented:

Hi Espen,
Thanks for answering. Even I know, that quick answer is not possible for this one. This is my long-term project, and I expect it to finish within 2-3 months. Here thing is, I am working alone on this project. So, I am worried about it that how will I finish it?

Hakoo Desai
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-Oct-11 20:59pm    
Hakoo, you did not share how long have you been working on the project already, but your questions indicate that you did not yet decide on data layer and probably did not try Paypal development which you require. Even if I assume you have done extensive research and prototyping in all other areas, no matter how much you did in those areas, it looks like you did not advance more than 20% of your project (very roughly, most optimistic estimate). In view of that, your 2-3 month expectations look to me like... just wishful thinking, unless you are a rare performance hero. Sorry to say, this is how it looks like...
The most practical immediate advice I can give you is to post a question on the Lounge briefly describing that you are creating an on-line store, and asking for opinions of CP members on what products for .NET they currently use and recommend. I suggest you avoid using any language in this post that mentions the deadline, that you are working alone, asking for help, etc.

If you are unable to define the basic principles of design for a multi-functional project like this with a deadline of only a few months, and you are working alone, and you have no experience in the implementation of the many functional components of the required solution, then I think you should research, evaluate, and purchase, a 3rd. party solution for an on-line store that includes an e-commerce module, CRM functionality, and adapt that to your client's needs.
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-Oct-11 23:41pm    
As I say, maybe this is a good idea, my 5.

  1. Database, of course.
  2. Ask Paypal or any other business you may be interested in (and even Visa).
  3. HTTPS — this is a whole big topic. In brief: this is a protocol combining HTTP with SSL/TLS protocol, implemented by each and every non-nonsense HTTP server. (See[^],[^].) It provides safe encrypted communications, including the process of user authentication. For commercial application this is a must; a literate user won't use your service if this is just HTTP; and a literate cyber-criminal artist will steal your property or property and trust of your customers. The problem is: it won't work if you do not provide a digitally signed certificate; and for a good reason: otherwise — how a user can be sure this is your business, not a fake page designed by the same or another cyber-criminal artist to steal the customer's identity? You can create such certificate and provide it, but as anyone can do it; the customer would think "how do I know this certificate is not fake?", so you need to get an authoritatively signed certificate which might cost you US$13 to $1500 per year (see the first link above). To obtain such thing, you will need to address to some certificate authority, see[^] and references in this article.
    Writing HTTPS software using .NET is no different from HTTP.
  4. I hope you're going to develop multitier architecture ([^]). In this case, you will be able to put all updates to your database throw a single point. While you're bound to HTTP and Web interface to deliver data and accept requests to/from your customers, you can greatly simplify your development if you can confine all your internal users (people who can update your stocks, sells, etc.) to client software working on .NET, desirably of v.3.5 or later. Thanks to .NET, you will be able to use .NET remote interface, preferably WCF; optionally, you can even self-host WCF in your application service, which would make it independent on IIS and easy to implement.

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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-Oct-11 23:38pm    
Bill, could you please explain where my answers ignore ASP.NET?

I think all the answers are applicable to ASP.NET. If you think that some item does not, please be so kind to explain where.
The only item I advice could (optionally!) bypass ASP.NET would be the interface for internal users, but this is just an extra idea which is optional. This company internal UI could also be via Web and ASP.NET.

Could you possibly miss something or misunderstand the test is some part of it? Anyway, I think your statement needs some explanation.

Thank you.
BillWoodruff 27-Oct-11 12:28pm    
Hi SAK, Yes, I think you deserve an apology for that too hasty, and intemperate remark, and I have deleted it, and changed my vote to a more 'neutral' #4. You certainly did intend to help the OP, and there is a lot of value in your suggestions.

It is significant to me that in your reply you do not specifically mention ASP.NET or Php, or some client-server foundation that is obviously required for an on-line store ... and I think it's safe to assume this is an on-line website.

But my remarks and vote were ... well ... can I plead a "bad hair" day ? :)

Apologies ! best, Bill

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 27-Oct-11 17:54pm    
No problem at all. For sure, I would readily accept criticism if you explained where was wrong -- it happens from time to time. I did not mention ASP.NET specific aspect just because the questions were not focused on anything like that, but I took into account a nature of Web applications when I answered. However, the advice would be more useful when, for example, recommendation for IIS- and ASP.NET-specific advice are added. Anyone to contribute?

Thank you for your considerations.
Espen Harlinn 27-Oct-11 17:32pm    
5'ed - all those things are well worth reading up on :)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 27-Oct-11 17:54pm    
Thank you, Espen.

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