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Hello everyone,

I have made one website in which there are some crystal reports (SAP), the website is made in visual studio 2010 (4.0 frame work) and using SAP crystal reports. I have made the reports and it works fine when i view them from IDE (visual studio), but i want to make it live, so i tested the reports on IIS (on my machine), everything was working fine but in crystal reports i got this error::

Failed to open the connection. Details: [Database Vendor Code: 18456 ] Failed to open the connection. Details: [Database Vendor Code: 4060 ] Failed to open the connection. rptPOEntry {727AA589-A2A9-439D-BD8E-F100EDE04AC4}.rpt Details: [Database Vendor Code: 18456 ]

I googled many solutions but none was successful, i tried the following solutions

Do the following steps:

1. Open the report in the CR XI designer.

2. Select Database -> Set Datasource Location.

3. Set Datasource Location window will appear and in the replace with section connect to the database and replace these tables with the tables in the current datasource by clicking the update button.

4. After updating close the Set Datasource Location window.

5. Go to 'Database menu' and Click 'Verify Database' and click on ’OK’.

6. Preview the report and the save the report.

But this was not helpful for me... I want to deploy it anyhow on the server. please let me know what all things i need to configure on the server and please also let me know how to resolve the error which occurred on my machine.. (IIS)

Please help me out ...

Thanks in advance,
Krunal Panchal
Updated 26-Oct-11 21:47pm

1 solution

Your error is "Failed to open the connection." and you say it worked in development but not in production. To me that usually means that somewhere you are using connection information or a path that either doesn't exist in Production or authorities do not allow production to it. If you Improve your questions and add more information about how you are connecting to the reports and how you are connecting the report and the data, perhaps the code project peeps can help you more.
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mubinsk 12-Jun-12 2:01am     CRLF
i have vs 2010 and i am using 2008 r2 server. reports are working here in development server but while iis deployment in same machine its not working. at the time of loading report i am giving full path to location of report. and dsn is using nt athontication. pls reply regards, mubin
Kschuler 12-Jun-12 8:45am    
Are you getting the same error as the original poster? That question was from Nov of 2011, and since it is someone elses question I think you should post a new one. You may be using different technologies and your answers may end up being different. Go to the top of the page and click on Quick Answers --> Ask a Question. Post your information including error messages and exactly what your issue is. For example, when you say "its not working" we have no idea what that means. Is it blowing up with an error? Is it not blowing up but not showing your report at all? Is it showing the report but not the entire thing? Please get into detail where necessary.

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