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what is SQL Profiler? what is the advantages of this? Is there anything substitute of this?


Read this description :[^]

SQL Profiler helps you see your performance problems and gives you advise on indexes which will boost performance.

SQL Profiler is tightly integrated into the SQL Server platform so substitutions will be lacking (and it is supplied with your SQL license anyway).
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RaisKazi 5-Nov-11 2:15am    
Nice link and to the point description. :) 5ed
Mehdi Gholam 5-Nov-11 2:19am    
Uday P.Singh 5-Nov-11 2:20am    
my 5+ too :)
Mehdi Gholam 5-Nov-11 2:41am    
Mehdi Gholam 5-Nov-11 2:41am    
Google is your friend.

Microsoft SQL Server Profiler is a graphical user interface to SQL Trace for monitoring an instance of the Database Engine or Analysis Services.

For more information read these:[^][^]

SQL Server Profiler Step by Step[^]

hope it helps :)
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Mehdi Gholam 5-Nov-11 2:11am    
Uday P.Singh 5-Nov-11 2:19am    
thanks Mehdi :)
RaisKazi 5-Nov-11 2:14am    
Nice Links. :) 5ed
Uday P.Singh 5-Nov-11 2:19am    
thanks RaisKazi :) how are you doing?
RaisKazi 5-Nov-11 3:05am    
Doing good :) Thanks Man.
SQL Profiler allows you to monitor and capture events on an instance of SQL Server. You can configure it to capture all events or just a subset that you need to monitor
Reference Link :- Advantages of SQL Profiler[^]
for further reference Using SQL Profiler [^]
and This Link-[Sql Server Profiler][^] refering two substitute.
From Reference
The express edition of Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 is free. But it doesnt provide professional tools for profiling sql queries. SQL Server Express Edition Profiler provides the most of functionality standard profiler .
AnjLab SQLProfiler[^]
Query profiling tool for the MySQL database server, helps you spot performance bottlenecks, heavy sql queries and most accessed db tables.
Jet Profiler for MySQL[^]
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RaisKazi 5-Nov-11 3:08am    
My 5! And "+" for the last statement. Really "SQL Profiler" is a very helful tool when sometimes SQL Performace tunning becomes a Nightmear. :)
RaviRanjanKr 5-Nov-11 3:38am    
Thanks :)
Mehdi Gholam 5-Nov-11 3:10am    
RaviRanjanKr 5-Nov-11 3:38am    
Thanks Mehdi
Uday P.Singh 5-Nov-11 3:16am    

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