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Hi frends,

There is issue related to SharePoint server. Actually my issue is that. I added one empty project of SharePoint 2010 in VS 2010 and add a application page. In application page.aspx.cs I write the code for a grid view. and I create a List in SharePoint Server 2010 there are some columns suppose "Name" and these values is AbC. CSE etc.

Then my issue is that, I Want to show the" values of 'Name' Column of List" in Grid View. when we run the program, So what code I write in Application page.

Example : My list Name is "MyList" there is one Name Column and some values is there
and in added a grid view code in app page.
when deploy the page the Name values shows is Grid View.

A lot of Thnx,
Sumit Magician.
[no name] 7-Nov-11 14:10pm    
What have you tried so far? Why are you writing an application page and not using a list view Web part?
sumitmagician 8-Nov-11 0:16am    
This is my requirement that I used application page.

1 solution

Hi Sumit,

Here I'm giving you the code for access your sharepoint list and the retrive data. You have to add the retrieved data to the data grid.

//SPSite object
SPSite oSpSite = new SPSite("http://spserver:2222/");// Your server

// Create SPWeb Object to open the Web.
//Connect to the web using SPWeb object
SPWeb oSPWeb = oSpSite.OpenWeb();

// Create SPList object to access the List.
//Here we need to pass List Name which we want to access from Sharepoint site.
//List Object to get the list from a sharepoint site
SPList oSpList = oSPWeb.Lists["MyList"];

//Create SPListItemCollection to get all the list items.
//Item Collection Object getting all the items form the list
SPListItemCollection oSpListCln = oSpList.Items;

//Iterate through each and every item in the ItemCollection object.
//iterate through all the items in itemcollection object
foreach (SPListItem item in oSpListCln)
string name =item["Name"];

//In here write a code for add the list data values to the Gridview

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