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I want to register control using manifest file in VS-2008.

In VS-2003 for same project attribute entries of OCX was added in manifest file(RES\AppName.exe.manifest) where ocx control file kept in debug folder and manifest file is inclued in resource file(RC file).
IDR_MANIFEST RT_MANIFEST "res\\AppName.exe.manifest"

After build of project which works fine for control(i.e. Dialog wich has ocx control able to display) .

Please explain if I do same steps for VS-2008 why it fails?
VS-2008 no longer support to register activex control using manifest?
If it support what are step to overcome from this problem?

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you can simply register the activex by using DllRegisterServer().
or go to command prompt, and the type regsvr32 test.ocx. This will register the activex control..

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Jagdish Gundeti 7-Nov-11 5:39am    
Thanks Satheesh for your solution. In subject I mentioned registration is done by manifest file.
The executable need to get installed at user side without any manual registration like regsvr32 tool or without keeping entries in VBX(in any script files) and also registry should not contain any information of OCX control entries because OCX are proprietary.

You may have question without keeping entry of OCX in registry how dll(ie OCX) get loaded?
For above solution considering VS-2003 live project these are my findings.
Activex kept in debug folder and it is build with manifest file which contains information of OCX.

But I am failing for VS-2008. I think there are new changes to manifest for new version of IDE's.
I hope I will get more response and solutions from cp.
Satheesh1546 7-Nov-11 6:00am    
Hope this link will help you..
Jagdish Gundeti 13-Nov-11 9:50am    
Thanks for help Satheesh. :)

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