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Hi all!

I have trivial problem which has been bugging me for some time, hope I can put it in words..

I have created customcontrol which inherits window. Basically its usage is as simply as using native wpf window + custom look and some extra methods with it.

My custom window works just fine when developing window which is startup window in wpf project. I can see my custom style in desingn mode and in the run.

The problem comes when I create predesigned custom window in codebehind I got my style but controls added into window wont show at all.

 // this is my custom control (window like). Style will apply BUT whatever predefined content wont appear!?

CustomWindow test = new CustomWindow (); 

I assume that there could be something wrong with style, I have defined free to desing area in my window style as follows

<contentpresenter margin="20" />


Just noticed weird thing. When creating predefined window like this:

CustomWindow test = new CustomWindow (); 
Button btn = new Button();
btn.Content = "Hello";
test.Content = btn;

I get button into my custom window! So it seems that when creating custom window in codebehind it forgets its original xaml code where controls are placed in first place...

I hope you got idea :)

Updated 7-Nov-11 22:02pm
Mark Salsbery 8-Nov-11 10:57am
Nothing weird with the window. Window is a contentcontrol so has one single content object. If you set Content to something else then you replace the original.

1 solution

Hi all!

I found solution.. The weird thing is that in client side I have to call InitializeComponent(); method in constructor even I dont have that method my customwindow class.. go figure :S

Anyhow now I can create and show x pcs customwindows and each one apply styles and shows content as wanted! Took whole day to solve this :D


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