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Session[StringConstants.DTRefTransactions] = dsRefTransactions.Tables[0];

getting error as unable to cast object of type '' to type '' on above line of code . how to type cast it?
Updated 8-Nov-11 3:04am
Can you read the error message?
Why do you think you want to cast it?

You cannot. A DataTable is not a DataSet.
durgeshtupkar10 8-Nov-11 9:10am
what solution then?
Enough said, a 5.
Abhinav S 8-Nov-11 11:24am
Thanks SA.
You can't cast a DataTable to a DataSet. It sounds like your code is expecting a DataSet so you could try:

Session[StringConstants.DTRefTransactions] = dsRefTransactions;
durgeshtupkar10 8-Nov-11 9:17am
but on following ur above suggestion it works but i want oth index datatable from that datasetparticular
jim lahey 8-Nov-11 9:19am
You've got the whole dataset in session. You can read it back out of session and do: dsRefTransactions.Tables[0]
No ifs no buts.
Sure, a 5. OP cannot apply simple logic.

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