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I would like to create a attendance report.For that I need to find how many days the employee present,absent and half days he taken.I have table with fields employee name,attendancedate,Attendnce. The attendance field must filled 'P' if the employee is present likewise 'H' for halfday,'A' for absent.I need a report like this

EmployeeName Present HalfDay Absent
AAA 26 2 0
BBB 24 3 2

Please give an idea to create such a report in C#.

Thanks and Regards
[no name] 8-Nov-11 12:48pm    
What have yuo tried so far?
Menon Santosh 8-Nov-11 13:18pm    
Do U want Query for this purpose ?

To make crystal report first u have to go to the solution explorer select crystal Report option after adding add one dataset where u have to call ur stored procedure to pass paramters firstly when u will see the design u will get some dummy values but when u will generate crytal report in PDF format or excel format u will get ur paramters same as u saved in Backend.

According to MNC Company Standard's the font used in heading should be 34 use Arial don't go with Verdana or any other font Arial gives best display for hindi title use CDAC fonts only the subtitle should be 20 if ur passing date the it should be 12 the columns field should be 12 use small letters and Bold every field if it is heading subtitle date of Columns field ..
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search on google u will find many similar ways to create a crystal report... i have not much idea on crystal report but its not so hard to find the tutorials on net.. if u use microsoft report viewer then it is very simple to make a report..
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First you have to create Stored Procedure. then create report with report source set with command type as Crystal Report.
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