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I need to split the string, and without using an array I need the Substring value. i.e "sheet1$" in a variable.

Sample code.
string input = "excel1.xls sheet1$";
string substrings = Regex.Split(input, ".xls");
Updated 9-Nov-11 0:47am

string substring = input.SubString(input.IndexOf(".xls ") + 5);
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sravani.v 9-Nov-11 7:34am    
MY 5!
pradeep manne 10-Nov-11 5:15am    
hi small correction in the code that in the place of 5 we have to use 4(.xls)

updated one is
string substring = input.SubString(input.IndexOf(".xls ") + 4);
Prerak Patel 10-Nov-11 5:44am    
".xls " has 5 characters if you consider the space at the end.
pradeep manne 10-Nov-11 9:39am    
yes,am not using any space in my code ,
thank u
Ignoring the detail that that won't compile - Regex.Split returns an array of strings, not a single string. It would defeat the purpose somewhat if it didn't, wouldn't it?

I'm not positive what you are trying to split on: it looks like you want to split the string everywhere is contains the text ".xls" which seems silly, but it may be what you want to do, I don't know. If so, then you need to escape the "." as that is a regex character meaning "any character at all":
Regex.Split(input, @"\.xls")

Get a copy of Expresso [^] - it's free, and it examines and generates Regular expressions.
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pradeep manne 9-Nov-11 7:07am    
my input will be similar filename.xls and sheetname
after i need only the value after .xls
string substring = input.SubString(input.IndexOf(".xls") + 4);

".xls " has 4 characters.
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