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Hi, I am new to web development, i need to develop a comment box, and save those comments in database , so that i can retrieve them and display them on my web.
My server does not support php or anyother special scriptin, so i believe that i have to code in javascript or, can anyone please help me with the code for doing this, as to how to implement a comment box and save the comments.
Updated 9-Nov-11 19:19pm

1 solution

Make a simple Asp webpage

On that page drag one textbox and one button

set Textbox's TextMode property ="MultiLine"

On button click event you'll have to insert the comment in DB
(I'm supposing your DB have a table with two fields id and comment id is autoincrement)

//Open Connection
//Make Command
//Execute the command like this
//Insert into Table values('"+textbox.Text+"')";

You can get help on insertion from
bkthebest 10-Nov-11 2:43am
thanks for reply..
but i want make a comment box like facebook myself.
solution you provide is the simple one.
means when user logged in then he can his own posts or comments from others like facebook...
please help
Member 9629966 12-Aug-13 1:12am
nice code
hansoctantan 10-Nov-11 3:02am
try textarea instead of textbox
Member 11093128 14-Oct-14 18:35pm
Syed Salman Raza Zaidi 10-Nov-11 8:14am
For this you'll have to make a profile page and on that page you'll have to provide a repeater or datalist control to display comments and textbox and button for posting them this is just like orkut's scrap book, i hope you've understand what i want to say :)
Member 1927936 12-Feb-14 8:45am
how this comment box moves to selected reply
Member 11093128 14-Oct-14 18:35pm
sarfaraz chohan 18-Oct-14 23:57pm
bkthebest 12-Nov-11 2:20am
hi syed.
i found a code in php.
could you please help me to convert it into
Member 11209567 7-Nov-14 23:21pm

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