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okay - I am trying to make use of jquery plugin for iphone switch. But IE is giving problem in displaying the background image.

Here is the code that's causing trouble -

image = jQuery('<img class="iphone_switch" style="height:'+settings.switch_height+'px; width:'+settings.switch_width+'px; background-image:url('+settings.switch_path+'); background-repeat:none; background-position:'+(state == 'on' ? 0 : -53)+'px" src="'+(state == 'on' ? settings.switch_on_container_path : settings.switch_off_container_path)+'" />');

when I remove
background-position:'+(state == 'on' ? 0 : -53)+'px"
from above code - then I can see ON/OFF background image on IE but as soon as i click the button, it's again disappeared.

Here is the click function -

jQuery(this).click(function() {
			if(state == 'on') {
				jQuery(this).find('.iphone_switch').animate({backgroundPosition: -53}, "slow", function() {
					jQuery(this).attr('src', settings.switch_off_container_path);
				state = 'off';
			else {
				jQuery(this).find('.iphone_switch').animate({backgroundPosition: 0}, "slow", function() {
				jQuery(this).find('.iphone_switch').attr('src', settings.switch_on_container_path);
				state = 'on';

Any suggestions?


1 solution

I faced the same problem with IE8.. Finally got time to resolve it today.

On line 37 where an image element is being created.. instead of using a closing tag ix it and it will work

have fun.

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