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I have a data set like below.
type month1 month2 month3 month4 month5 month6
1      22     33     12     14     34      55
2      6      12     324    33     55     534

I would like to show these data in a chart in SQL server report, where series is type and x axis is months.

What can I do?
Updated 12-Nov-11 1:01am

the best way is returned dataset like below
Months type1 type2
Jan 22 33
March 6 12
. . .
. . .
. . .
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koolprasad2003 12-Nov-11 7:26am    
accept any of the answer it is "solved" by above answer, otherwise can you put solution ?
here is good link[^] to draw chart in excel using c#
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When you want to summarize data in a visual format, use the Chart data region. Charts enable you to present large volumes of aggregated information at a glance. It is important to carefully prepare and understand your data before you create a chart, as this will help you design your charts quickly and efficiently.
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faezeh66 12-Nov-11 5:44am    
i read it but i cant mak chart with these data?
do you know how can i do it?

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