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I know I can use CERTMGR to install a .cer file. My problem is the tool requires responses from the user that I want to avoid.

Can I do this function from a program where I can suppress messages? Does anyone have a sample?

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RaviRanjanKr 12-Nov-11 13:49pm    
My 5+
Mehdi Gholam 12-Nov-11 14:17pm    
babarock 12-Nov-11 17:28pm    
Thank you for the response and the reference you provided helped me understand that I had not been clear enough with my question.

I'm dealing with Self Signed Certificates and am having the issue not on the server but on the Browser Clients. When my users access the web site the first time (or after we generate a new certificate), they get the IE "Certificate Error:Navigation blocked" dialog. In the past the user has then used the Certificate Import Wizard to load the .cer file and the error then goes away.

I can cause CERTMGR.EXE to run when the user logs on to their Windows desktop and auto-load the current .cer files. This way the user always has the current certificate and they don't see the Certificate Error message. The problem is CERTMGR.EXE displays message boxes warning the user that the old certificate (if any) is being deleted and another asking if it is Ok to load the new .cer. Since I have 5 self signed certificates to auto-load, the user must now click Ok/Yes 10 times. I find this annoying and intrusive.

I wish CERTMGR had a /quiet switch that would tell the utility to just do the load without asking permission, but it doesn't. So I look to the question, is there a way to load this self signed certificate on the user's Windows desktop but without asking the user any questions.

Mehdi Gholam 13-Nov-11 2:10am    
Try the following :
babarock 14-Nov-11 23:22pm    
Thank you for the pointers. I now have a working C# program that will load a certificate. All I have to do now is get rid of the "Security Warning" message box that tells me the certificate is not from a Trusted source. Any ideas?
Installation is simple, but there are different process for various web application server. Please select your server from

Once you have been completed SSL certificates installation process, ensure that your certificate is installed accurately and worlking properly through the SSL certificate checker -
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