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I would like to take the general point of view of all developers that which one is better Use of Ajax or Jquery.Would Like to know for my knowledge.
DaveAuld 13-Nov-11 14:42pm    
Are you using the correct terms here? After all, jQuery implements Ajax..........
Prashant Srivastava LKO 14-Nov-11 0:00am    
Why u had given a star to this question

You need to know the terms clearly before making the comparison.

AJAX: is not a technology, it is a web programming technique where we can call server-side code and update content without reloading the complete page with the help of javascript and xml.

Jquery: is a powerful, yet easy-to-use JavaScript library that helps web developers and designers add dynamic, interactive elements to their sites, smoothing out browser inconsistencies and greatly reducing development time.

And jquery itself uses AJAX to make web pages more responsive by exchanging small amounts of data.

hope it helps :)

for further queries comment here!
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BillWoodruff 13-Nov-11 17:31pm    
+5 Great answer, Uday, I'm curious: do you think it would be "fair" to say that in the last few years Microsoft has incorporated/integrated jQuery into both ASP.NET and Ajax ?
[no name] 14-Nov-11 1:11am    
you just read an explanation of how JQuery and AJAX are unrelated, how can you ask if Microsoft has incorporated JQuery into AJAX?
Uday P.Singh 14-Nov-11 1:36am    
you are still in doubts about the terms(jquery&Ajax), what do you mean by jquery into AJAX?
thatraja 14-Nov-11 0:56am    
Pankil_Plus 11-Feb-14 5:54am    
There is no comparison since they are two different technologies. AJAX is a method of communication between client script and a server. JQuery is a JavaScript framework for working with DOM elements, plus more, on the client.
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Uday P.Singh 13-Nov-11 16:30pm    
Agree 5!
thatraja 14-Nov-11 0:57am    

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