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Dear all,
I need to invoke the callback function defined in the dll(build in c/c++) to the application.I want the code and methodology to do it.
I really don't know how to do it with the callback functions.
I referred in net and found that it is need to use delegates for this purpose.
How to do it ? can any one explain me in detail about this ?
The following is the definition

/* Callback function type */

/*Function call*/
WORD WINAPI readdevice(WORD Lines,FUNCSCANBACK funcScanBack)

funcScanBack - callback function address. Reference to "FUNCSCANBACK" definition:
hBuf - Image buffer handle for callback.
unLines - Image lines in the buffer.

Return TRUE means continue read job, FALSE means cancel read job.
Updated 14-Nov-11 22:14pm

1 solution

public delegate UNKNWON FUNCSCANBACK(IntPtr hBuf,UInt32 unLines);
public class yourClass{

   public static extern UInt16 readdevice(UInt16 Lines, FUNCSCANBACK y);

void invokeFunc(){

readdevice(0,new FUNCSCANBACK(myCallBackFunc));


UNKNOWN myCallBackFunc(IntPtr hBuf,UInt32 unLines){


I used UNKNOWN as return type since I have no idea about CALLBACK*?
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Ajaykumar.thurai 16-Nov-11 1:24am    
Thanks a lot. It is more helpful sir.

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