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How to tekenize the string returned in the below code

wchar_t m_VStrBuf[2048];


The buffer(m_VFileName) is filled with one or more null-terminated strings; the last string is followed by a second null character.
Chandrasekharan P 15-Nov-11 23:14pm    
Do you know what is the separator??

wchar_t *ts;

ts = m_VFileName;
while (wcslen(ts) != 0)
  //process string ts
  ts += wcslen(ts) + sizeof(wchar_t);  // skip to next string in result buffer

Typed but not run / debugged (but it should be close)
[edit - skip over the null too]
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Orjan Westin 16-Nov-11 5:30am    
Almost - you need to increment with 1 to get past the \0 terminator, otherwise the second call will always return 0, since the first character is \0
Chuck O'Toole 16-Nov-11 11:27am    
whoops, had that in my real code, forgot to type it here. Thanks, I updated the solution to reflect this.
You can use strtok(). like this
char * pch;

pch = strtok (m_VStrBuf,","); // Here , is seprator.
while (pch != NULL)
  pch = strtok (NULL, ",");

Note : To fetch value from file u have to stored the value with seprator.
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Selva K 16-Nov-11 0:16am    
Its not a char its wchar and the seperator is NULL
Assuming you want to keep the strings, you can use this (tested) function.
void tokenise_wstr(const wchar_t * str, size_t len, 
               std::vector<std::wstring>& strings)
  size_t prev = 0;
  size_t next = wcslen(str);

  while ( (prev < next ) && (next < len))
      std::wstring(str + prev, str + next + 1));
    prev = next + 1;
    next = prev + wcslen(str + prev);
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